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Phil StarkeThis website offers some of his most sought after topics and made them available here so students can take all the time they need to study and practice, rather than being limited to a one-time class, one-time workshop or incurring the expense of travel. Videos are available in on DVD sent through mail, or by direct download to your computer.  Phil Starke has been painting professionally since his graduation from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL. He has prestigious gallery representation and has been teaching classes and workshops around the country for over 20 years. Phil has been offering DVDs, Books and Online Classes since 2008. Many of his students have gone on to obtain gallery representation and win awards.  Phil finds teaching extremely satisfying, and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others which is why he also maintains a blog, “Between the Palette Scrapings” and interacts on Facebook with other artists and collectors.

He participates in numerous exhibitions and gallery shows annually. He is professionally associated with the Scottsdale Artists School and the Tucson Art Academy Online, teaching workshops every year with students from every region of the country as well as Alaska and Canada. Foreign students include the countries of France, Norway, Australia, Croatia, Brazil and Taiwan. International students are now taking his Online Mentoring classes. Many of his students have gone on to obtain gallery representation and win awards. His gallery website is www.philstarke.com. He offers a free newsletter which contains further art content. He presently teaches online video classes, plein air and studio workshops, and a weekly, local studio class. He has also published two books, “Small Works -Landscapes” and “Plein Air Take-Along Tip Guide”.